Hope of subtlety

Friday, August 18, 2017

My floral crowns have loitered in the spare room, stacked up like a surplus display for a wedding. Some of them are a little too large to wear with any hope of subtlety but a few remain my go-to favourites for summer days of loose hair and floaty dresses.  I'm trying to find more flowers for my hair that look realistic, pretty and are not too huge or weighty. There was a wasp chase at Latitude when a mighty persistent offender forced me to yank all of the flowers out of my hair at a brisk pace and stuff them into my bag. Usually bees take no notice.
This dress has the kind of print that I adore; beautiful art and colours. Far more pretty and feminine than I used to go for but these days it ticks all the boxes.

Recently, I was asked to describe myself in a sentence. That's a very difficult thing to do, just to summerise your entire being in a few words. I'm going to have a ponder and see what I can come up with in a later post.

August is flying by! There are still plenty of hours left of summer so I intend to head out and soak up the sun at every opportunity.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Take care,

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