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Thursday, August 31, 2017

A wee melange of shots from sunny Sunday's stroll. I've had a go with this beauty, of which I would narrow it down to a dragonfly. My initial diagnosis was for a Norfolk Hawker but apparently they have a flight period of May- July so it's unlikely. Other than that it could be a Ruddy Darter but it's a guess.  
Above, I think Harebell. Looks like a delicate solo bluebell.
Below, red clover.

I'm unsure of this one. It looks a bit like thyme, but after a flick through my wildflower guide my only guess is water pepper. I'll have a rethink.

Above, meadowsweet towering above fleabane.
Below, this teeny white moth doesn't appear in my guide but the one it looked like was a leafroller. However, none on my Google search look similar. Anyway, it's teeny tiny. I wouldn't advise Googling white moth images either, I suspect my dreams may be haunted by fluffy giant moths with frightening faces for the forseeable.

Above, I can't find find this bold red beauty, It looks like Great Yellow Gentian but red.
Below, Great Willowherb gas gone to seed.

Teasel is a fascinating bristly plant. Even in flower it looks dry.

 Above, you can just make out a fine frond of Bittersweet.
Below, another closeup of my mystery dragonfly.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep your eyes open for you never know what you may see.

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