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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The title says it all really, a little cluster of pictures I like with some seasonal sights. One year I'll start to differentiate all the wildflowers that look like cow parsley, dandelions, buttercups and thistles. However, not this year. I'm sticking to slightly easier targets for the moment. 
 Possibly more viburnum opulus?
Seeing swathes of wildflowers all growing together, tussling for space and blooming is such an uplifting sight.

I hope this is hawthorne, I should know this. At the very least I know you can't eat the berries. As a point of information, berries should never be eaten unless you are completely sure what they are and that they are safe.

 Above, sloes!

Above, I'm thinking it could be Marsh St John's Wort or Perforate St John's Wort. My book leaves it inconclusive.

Above, these delicate flowers may belong to Common Centaury or Field Madder, or maybe something completely different!

Above, pretty sure it's common bird's foot trefoil.
Below, I see this one quite a bit and although it always looks almost blue to me, it looks a pinky purple in my book, so I think it must be Tufted Vetch.

Lastly, I'm plumping for Self-heal. What a lovely name.
Take care,

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