Friday snaps and marsh mallows

Friday, August 25, 2017

A few pictures jut to round off the week. I'm not up to diagnosing fungi just yet so maybe I'll tackle that over the weekend. The idea of three consecutive days off fills me with absolute delight and my mind is currently making snow angels in the fabric of time so who knows what the weekend will bring.

Above, this year I've seen several of these plants while driving so have been unable to stop and inspect but finally saw one in the grass while out with my camera and it's chicory - that's a surprise.
Below, crown vetch. Pretty marshmallow shades.

I spotted a blue butterfly and got a picture which included it (alas it's poor quality) and my guess is that it's a Common Blue based on the fact that most blue butterflies don't appear in the UK and I can't make out any features.

Oh that's weird, above, this could be a plant called Marsh Mallow. Apparently the root is ground up with sugar, flour and egg white to make the confection named after it - though my book strongly advises not to attempt. I had no idea there was any connection!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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