The flowering of scabious

Thursday, August 24, 2017

There have been an abundance of delicate scabious flowers on my flower patch this summer and it's been a delight to see. In the sunshine the white flowers have taken on an angelic white glow which prompted me to study them closer to eke out a little longer in their presence. Here is the cycle of scabious flowering for both your and my delight.
 Teeny, tight clusters start to swell to visible pods. From the outside they fill out.
 The colour develops. Then the flower buds pop open into a flourish from the outside - and curiously - from the centre too.
In full bloom the flowers look almost feathery, fluffy. Scabious are also call pin-cushion flowers because they look as though little pins have been stick in.
 Once the flowers have faded and they drop
 All that's left is a furry little brush, going to seed.
Take care,

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