Fungi in hiding (mostly)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good morning! Much as I dislike the concept of eating mushrooms, the act of finding them and taking a photograph leaves me feeling good. Here's a collection of about 20 models I encountered on Sunday and a few attempts to identify them. In the interests of safety it's important to say never touch a mushroom or toadstool unless you are experienced at identifying them and know exactly what you are doing, many are poisonous and will kill if ingested. I know nothing at all and any attempts to name them are a guess at best.
Above, possibly a Tawny Grisette
Below, it could be The Blusher

Above, could be a Stump Puffball.
The problem with puffballs becomes immediately apparent if you accidentally step on one.

This one looks like a wrecked car washing sponge. Something has been nibbling at it! Looks difficult to name but my guess is some sort of Boletus variety.

The quality and technical accuracy is dubious on some of these pictures, however, I like the effect regardless. I will enjoy looking back on this post, so hopefully you will like to trawl through it now.

Having flicked through my guide to mushrooms and toadstools, not only are there many varieties I'd never seen before, there are also some safe sorts that look seemingly identical to deadly ones. Also, it's quite hard to get a good look at fungi as often they are tucked away in undergrowth.
They're a fascinating subject to study. Already I've learned a lot. Many do not have a common name, which makes them harder to remember. I suggest naming them on how they look; I've seen some which look like burnt burgers.

Whatever their names, it's fun to keep eyes peeled for any to snap at.
Putting the fun back into fungi. Or something of that ilk.

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