Tangerine dream

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

I did have something cosmetic called 'tangerine dream' although I can't rack my brains quite thoroughly enough to establish whether it was a showergel, nail polish, lipstick or maybe (and slightly cheekily) it could have been fake tan. It is quite apparent that I don't care for any sort of tanning, sunbeds or dying my skin with some biscuit smelling gloop. It's sunshine or nought and I can tally the number of times I've sprawled out on a towel to soak up the rays this year as a grand total of zero. Hence amusing tan lines of whatever I have been wearing on sunny days. My feet are ghostly white which only serves to encourage my habit of wearing ankle boots oft.

I'm sure someone was being a little rude by complementing the flowers in my hair then commenting that they went well with my boots (I'm deeply suspect it was thinly disguised sarcasm). Had it not been for the need to keep on good terms I would have challenged their rudeness. Anyway, boots DO go with everything and I don't care for ankle boot based negativity.

I like the colour of these bright orange shorts but wish they were a little longer. Really, it's so difficult to buy shorts at a mid length. Not everyone wants to be quite so exposed all the time! As they are, they're fine. But so many pairs are too short to consider. More like denim knickers really. I'd rather not.
One of my favourite things about summer is to embrace floaty pieces that cannot be worn in windy winter. This kimono style cover up is so pretty and unlike many of the clothes I often wear. It feels lovely and cool to wear with a breeze making it ripple and sway. The black border gives it a defined shape and the print is so pretty too.

Have a wonderful day.
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  1. Hello! I'm on the train home from Greece!
    Someone made some comment about something I was wearing at Swing Dancing that smacked of that implied rudeness you mentioned- I was wearing a vest top with a tiny black cat print and she made some comment about it being cats rather than whatever the other thing she thought they were and then she added."At least cats is a bit more normal."- it was the way she said it. But then I was going to have to dance with her several times throughout the evening (she was learning the male Lead Lindy hop steps)- so I didn't say anything but it irked me.
    I am the same with shorts- just don't want that much leg on show. But your legs are very nice so I appreciate the effect! :-)
    I spent most of the time in Greece trying not to get. Tanned!

  2. As we get older we get more conscious of what people say or think till we get older still and get more comfortable. Then we get really old like my 91 year old mother and she really doesn't care any more for social niceties and says what she thinks and gets away with it! Don't worry about people, not many people can carry off shorts like that but you can, enjoy, you have great legs and enjoy wearing what you want sometimes Go with your heart as well as your head there really is no right or wrong just what you like ;-)

  3. I agree with Richard you look great as always and it is all about how you feel on what you wear and your choices never let you down.

  4. It took me ages to find a pair of longer length shorts this year (and then I found two, and, obviously, purchased them both. What a shame the sin has stopped shining!)
    Your orange shorts are lovely, they're a good length, and you have the legs for them, so enjoy them. I am however very bored of seeing the bum cheeks of others peeking from beneath their tiny shorts, why can't they make them just a fraction longer?! No one wants to see that much of other people. Or maybe they do, but I don't so I wish they'd stop it.
    Love these flowers in your hair, they're super pretty.


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