Long sleeved summer

Monday, August 14, 2017

Apologies for the shady nature of these pictures, it was either that or me getting burned out in full sun with a scrunched up face with squinty eyes so I'm considering the right choice was made. A jumper, in summer? Oh yesssiree, it's been lacklustre on the temperature front. Looking through my spring and summer outfit posts of this year it features far more layers and long sleeves than in previous years. It's been a paltry few weeks of 'meh' weather.

My aversion to wearing bodycon or anything remotely likely to emphasise the big lunch I've just eaten means that this dress has spent many a month on the hanger. To it's credit the lovely thick cotton fabric is so comfortable and pleasing to wear that upon deciding to pop out for an hour of wandering I threw caution to the wind and wriggled my way in. Many of my jumpers look strange over dresses and I've never really become accustomed to cardigans, I find them very feminine and not thermally as efficient as a nice high necked jumper, so this blue cropped jumper recommended itself as the answer. Warm enough and covered enough but without a hint of frump.

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