Haweswater circular walk part 1

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Haweswater is a body of water on the very eastern side of the Lake District. We visited before, back in November last year apparently in which we parked at the 'end' car park and headed upwards. This time however, we had a circuit of the reservoir itself in mind. It was on a Wednesday mid October and our designated parking point was empty thankfully (looked to be only 3 or 4 spots anyway). We headed up to the little nature reserve style starting point. The day dawned gloriously sunny with blue skies and an amazingly good feeling. This was the only day of such stunning brightness so it was well received by myself.
The walk was noted as about 10 miles on easy paths so we brought lunch along with us and anticipated a good long walk - I'm unaccustomed to such a long stretch and although it's not a problem having a decent distance it's just not something we end up doing.

This beautiful fly-by was stunning to watch. We also saw a good few other birds including several buzzards and birds of prey.

Extremely mild day, sunshine meant that a light jumper was in order. C commented that shorts and t-shirt would have been more suitable. It was balmy.

The main nuisance of this walk was that the footpaths were prime candidates for becoming drainage channels for the hills so often the soggy paths became flooded and a squidgy veering off course was in order. There had been a fair amount of rain the week before so it may have been worse than normal.

Fabulous views and nobody to clutter it up. It was wonderfully quiet. The 'meow' of circling buzzards was an occasional soundtrack.

Over the other side of the reservoir the Haweswater Hotel could be seen, nestled on the hillside. The menu for lunch looked spot on with very reasonable prices as I passed so would have made a delightful lunch stop had we planned things differently.
Due to the length of walk and volume of pictures I took there will be at least one more instalment to come and I'll tell you the shock I had almost halfway round.

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