Autumn so far

Thursday, November 02, 2017

How has my autumn felt so far? I'm pleased to report it's been fabulous, contrary to my usual expectations. In previous years the ebbing away of summer warmth has drained the flow of my enthusiasm in a predictable parallel but this year I've been so busy with the allotment, flower patch, holiday and general life that it's kept up my spirits. That and the temperatures have remained mild, mostly still which always help. I can't tell you haw good it felt to benefit from fair weather and fresh air for a week away. As a natural bonus I have an abundance of blog posts generated from exploring new places which is always something that pleases me. There are still at least another couple to come, believe it or not. Back to the subject in hand, I thought this would make for a pleasant post in it's own right, a collection of autumn sights and colours which are especially seasonal. 

 The very last of the heather flowers were fading.

 My assumption (above) is a holly but I'm unfamiliar with the clustering of berries to this extent. 

This was the best example of a fly ageric I've ever seen ( C spotted it of course) but it was in SUCH a dark thicket of trees that it was incredibly dark which is why this picture is so horrendous but I'm sharing it nevertheless.

Above: who nibbled???
Below: Who knocked it over?

How has your autumn felt so far?

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