Haweswater circular walk part 2

Friday, November 03, 2017

If you didn't already catch the first instalment of walking around Haweswater then now is a prime time to take a look before heading forth towards Mardale Head. Of course the blue skies didn't last forever. As you can see, the path occasionally took the high road but it wasn't that bad.

There was a strange and troubling sound carrying over the fells which we surmised was perhaps a sheep perhaps in anguish. The hills and rocks and rocky outcrops could easily spell trouble for a sheep who lost it's footing or wandered off course. I pushed t thought from my mind and continued on. From time to time the terrible noise permeated our quiet walking bubble and I assumed the sheep in trouble was growing more agitated in it's stranded state.
A chance sighting of this doe threw a curveball and immediately my blood ran cold with the realisation that it was not a sheep in trouble but a randy stag looking for a fight we had heard. 
I scanned the surroundings; expecting to see something, anything to indicate where trouble lay. In my head we had suddenly found ourselves in the centre of where all the wild creatures were migrating to for all the action. My mind started racing with fears and alarm which of course C couldn't remotely understand, but there was nowhere to escape to in case of confrontation as we were flanked by a (dangerous) reservoir to the left and mountains to the right. Pressing on was the only logical option.
See the jurassic park style gates? Should have been a giveaway. Areas were fenced off to protect new planting from being annihilated by the deer grazing.

It turns out we didn't fall victim to angry stags. The sounds continued throughout the walk.

You would be forgiven for thinking I'd worn the same outfit every day on holiday. To be fair the trousers needed washing every night as the mud migrated up to knee height by the end of the day. All the mess.

There will be at least one further instalment but maybe a fourth if the rest won't fit.
Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you enjoy your time however it is spent.
Take care,

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