Ideas for vases this autumn

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The first hard frost has killed off all the flowers except for a couple of chrysanthemums and the scabious so inspiration for filling vases has had to adopt a different strategy. I had salvaged a handful of poppy seedheads from someone who couldn't see any value in them so these became the starting point. The countryside is not as full as I had hoped of beautiful dried seedheads but nevertheless, I used what could be found and not missed. Ragwort is the backdrop (I think).

The hazel has leaves and catkins so is in water, the rest are dry in vases which I know are not water tight, thus they won't be missed.
Some grasses, ragwort and cow parsley/hemlock. I know hemlock is poisonous so I won't be nibbling.
I was surprised at just how much less hassle dry material is to pop in a vase. It doesn't fight back or flop in ugly directons.
I'd like more low maintenance house greenery like this little poppet.
Dead rudbeckia might as well make themselves useful now the flowers are gone.
What do you think? So much potential for more.

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