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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Who says autumn is all about muted colour palettes? Sure, it's natural to sway towards greys, browns, mustards and burgandy shades over the dark months but brights and bolds always have a place in my wardrobe. This miniskirt was a charity shop buy from a recent trip out; it looks Moroccan. I then thought about a nice lamb tagine with apricots and couscous instead of how to wear it but my inspiration was set to work on something nevertheless.

On this occasion my new chunky knit oversized jumper seemed 'right' along with the biggest, cosiest scarf I own which came from Hazel last year. It was extremely cold even in the sunshine but (along with a coat and pair of gloves) I stayed warm and snug.

There has not been enough hat wearing over recent years which I shall seek to remedy with my little collection - though bobble hats make me look awful so capped baker boy style is something I'm more comfortable in.

Take care, dress warm and seek out the sunshine.

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