Dazzling sunshine on a frosty day

Friday, November 24, 2017

When the bright sunshine lasers it's way through the tree canopy to sizzle little patches of ground, melting the hard frost in a few places, here and there. Leaves refuse to drop; holding strong to branches with only the very weakest losing grip at the very, very end of their life and dropping to the silent tutting of their peers. Air still. Sky clear. A day where the tick tock of time slows to a pedestrian pace. Blackbirds bathe in the sunshine in between snacks of holly berries.

Shady spots remain frozen in time

Oranges and lemons. Beautiful stained glass effects with the light shining through.
Cobwebs and dark, bristly weeds.

Bittersweet berries. Not so popular with the birds it seems.

My heart swells. I really hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. Some of my favourites for a good while. Take care, have a beautiful weekend and be kind to yourself.

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