What a welcome to March

Friday, March 02, 2018

What a way to start March it was yesterday; gales, gusts and sub-zero temperatures. I'm somewhat reluctant to trawl through the snow pictures I snapped over the last few days as I feel to bogged down in the whole affair; in the same way that once you've eaten a big roast dinner the smell of the dishes and leftovers makes you feel a little sick.
The one redeeming grace of it being such a snowpocalpse here was that I refused to leave the house after a quick trip on Tuesday morning. It wasn't going to happen. All appointments rescheduled. Nothing was important enough to risk those roads; even if I could physically make it in one piece my sanity could not be guaranteed intact. So I've sat tight, juggled things as best as I could and am waiting for it all to be over. Work had been chaotic over the last couple of months but having a few days of semi-detachment has been a breath of fresh air. It's as fresh as it gets at -4 degrees Celsius.
Weekend plans have been shelved pending better conditions but trust me, I'm going to retain patience and sit tight. It definitely doesn't feel right talking about spring yet (plus I firmly believe it starts at the spring equinox and anyone who fancies arguing otherwise can go whistle) so I'll peer back at what I thought I might fancy doing over winter when I wrote back in December.

Photographing the winter highlights

I've certainly taken stacks of photographs, with the snow ones yet to be shared but I couldn't have reasonably achieved more, so I'm pleased with my efforts.

Get crafty

Oh dear, I did try! I made myself a tote bag which I'm extremely pleased with plus I have made a few cards although these look embarrassingly awful and only re-iterates the feeling that this is something that doesn't come naturally to me. However, a little foray into using pressed flowers for gift labels has taught me two things. 1. I have done it all wrong. 2. I would like to press more flowers and use them better next time. That's a good plan.

Read my book pile

For a reason which I cannot conclusive account for I have spent quality time reading yet not covered much literary ground. The first book was a whopper to be fair and the second was so good that I didn't want it to end so I didn't rush it. The third I finished in about 3 days and would be a swift holiday read if you like a mystery which in no way taxed the mind. 

Catch up on letter writing

I don't think I wrote one since Christmas - except thank yous, but I did write 4 to relatives beforehand talking about what we've been up to this year and received a lovely reply with all their news too. 

Seek out the first flowers 

I found them! I saw winter heliotropes which technically are the last of last year, so then snowdrops, irises, crocuses and the first couple of daffodils. We did forage some salix with fluffy little pops on it's branches. This keeps much better than catkins which drop a terrifying volume of luminous yellow pollen, she says, side eyeing a table with a covering of the stuff on which she has foolishly failed to clean up yet although notes that it doesn't seem to stain carpet. 

Consider our aims and goals for 2018

Did I do this? Oh yes just that motto of if you're going to do it then get it finished and stop faffing or don't even start . Plus my additional health and fitness goals (which I must get round to talking about soon).

Plan the allotment and cutting garden

Yes the allotment has been set out on paper which I am overjoyed about! It's been so long since I talked allotment and flower patch which at some point I will write about (copiously, my thoughts tend to come out in a long ramble about what I'm looking forward to seeing and doing 

Not a bad effort, eh?

Whatever you do stay safe over the next few day. Keep warm, don't take unnecessary risks and keep your chin up.
Take care,

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