The great plan for growing flowers in 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Aha! The season has finally started conclusively after something of a false start back in February when one sunny afternoon I decided to sow all the seeds that the packets stated indoor sowing could commence in February only to find that the temperatures sank back into the clutches of frost and then snow. Rightly, or wrongly I didn't add any water once it turned cold thinking that they may rot instead of germinate. We'll see how those fare over the next month.
Now that we're seeing more reasonable warmth and it's almost the end of March (how did that happen?) I must get a shift on to ensure that I don't miss the boat on the rest. I've sown the rest of the greenhouse seeds now but am holding fire on those which want direct sowing - maybe at the weekend?

It never fails to amaze me and captivate my mind that such dry little chips of matter (which come in unfathomable shapes and sixes) can come to life when nestled in a bit of damp, warm compost. The spotting of the first shoots from each tray is one of those golden moments when my heart does a little leap in excitement.

The plan for 2018? Grow copious flowers, fill up all available spaces with flowers and spill into new territory with a wild flower patch. This will entail plenty of sowing in the greenhouse to start off with as well as plenty of direct sowing and also some 'chucking seed around' on larger areas. Let's go crazy. Flowers are life.
What's going to be new? I'll grow more dahlias of different styles and shall hope that my care of last years batch was sufficient for them to bloom again this year. Oodles of new things. Yellow marigolds as well as orange - lovely. Statice. Peonies. Echiops. Echinacea. Old fashioned heavily scented sweet peas. Opium poppies. Night scented stocks.

Anything I'm giving a miss? The gypsophelia last year was a bit meh and the Iceland poppies didn't amount to anything.

What am I hoping to achieve? Blooms. Abundant flowers, scents and colour. I would love to bring some home like last year to litter the house with; it was brilliant. It would also be an achievement to feel like the garden is looking in good shape with the best being made of the space (and being kept tidy). While sitting on the bench it would be heavenly to smell the flowers and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Have you got off the mark with your garden this year? And are you doing something new?
Take care,

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