Hedgey thinking

Monday, March 12, 2018

If you ever dreamed of stumbling across a blog post purely of pictures of snowy hedges then today is your lucky day. Saturday 3rd March dawned with the most beautiful gift of a fresh coat of snow to bring the magic back to life. After breakfast we pulled on boots, coats and woollies and took our cameras for a walk. It was marvellous; honestly I felt incredibly lighthearted and joyful in a childlike way. The little lanes round our way were difficult for vehicles to get down and at the junction the lane became completely impassable which made for excellent walking with no fear of vehicular repercussions.

A ton of snow! Down another back road there was still a wall of it just a couple of days ago, it looks ridiculously out of place.
I read somewhere that hedges should be A shape, not flat topped. It worries me how thinly flailed these hedges have become; there's nowhere for birds to hide, to nest out of sight or to take genuine shelter.

Take care,

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