Richmond Castle

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Our visit to Richmond extended to a car park by the river and waterfall and the castle by way of the Castle Walk which although enchanting turned out to be seven sides of an octogan (oops).

The castle itself did have a lovely exhibition of it's history and a good visual display so that even the worst at history (I include myself here) could follow and get a feeling of what took place here over the last few hundred years. It was the most recent history of the men who were imprisoned over WWII which chilled me the most, such disturbing times.

The castle walls are fairly intact and afford astonishing views.

The tower had plenty within.
Details, details...

You can see the cockpit garden which is a lovely little gem you must visit while here. It's down some tricky cobbles - careful when it's wet- and takes you thorough some coiffured bushes and planting so I imagine it will look lovey in later spring and summer although a little less inspiring on a drizzly day near the end of winter.

Richmond castle was the filling in our sandwich made up of four stops on a grey day out. Our first was Middleham Castle and from Richmond we could have walked to Easby abbey although we hadn't factored that into our parking quota and then we finally drove to Barnard Castle. I'll link these once the posts are live.

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