Plans and wishes for Springtime

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

After braving a long, long winter including surviving several beasts from the East it finally feels like spring is beginning. The greenery of our daffodils and muscari have been growing for months but eventually the first flowers are in bloom. The tiny iris reticular have been and gone, the tete-a-tete narcissi are in flower and the big guns are about to fire up. These crocuses in a Yorkshire village were so pretty, I just had to stop and take a few little pictures.
I'm almost overwhelmed with excitement now that the season has shifted from the bad times to the good times so here's a few ideas of what I'd like to see and do over the next few months:

Sit outside on the bench

This sounds an easy one. Since we embraced bench life last summer it completely changed how we used the garden; from eating outside on most dry days to sitting in front of the chimnea in the evenings. It was perfect to spend so much time outside!

Find and forage wild garlic

We saw enormous volumes in Yorkshire but I've never found any in Norfolk which is frustrating! I need to locate a cache to draw from. 

Look out for hares (ideally catch them boxing)

Wouldn't that be special? Unfortunately I may have to surrender my 50 mm lens and use a zoom lens instead which makes me particularly grumpy as I hate anything but my beloved prime lens.

Plant all the things

I mean fruit, vegetables and flowers. Garden flowers, allotment cutting patch and excitingly, new for 2018 a mini wildflower meadow too. Time is tight as the soil has yet to warm up so the next couple of months will be a mania of activity.

Eat well and exercise

I've had an epic start to the year with 'going in the right direction' and I'd like to continue this for the forseeable. I'm also going to write about this separately soon too.

Forage elderflowers for all the beverages

It's the most delicious flavour in the world so I mustn't miss out!

Pick the first blooms of spring and bring them into the house

I have tried to keep up with pretty things all winter (though catkins are hideously messy) and the first cherry blossom is sitting on the mantelpiece but I'm longing for my homegrown anemones and tulips now.

Of course I want to frolic around in skirts and pretty dresses and take all the photographs of the wonderful sights of spring including the bluebells too. I want to get the garden tidy and hopefully see some birds nesting in our boxes and bushes.

Have you got high hopes for spring?

Take care,

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