The time we saw a stoat (or a weasel)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Quick! There's a weasel! 
Over there, in the wall just poking it's head out of the stones.
I can't see it!
After a puzzled squint and moving to see the wall from the same spot as C I finally managed to see the little creature, which was about a tenth of the size I was expecting! Honestly, I assumed this would be cat-sized and it completely took me by surprise how minute this little guy turned out to be.
Thankfully I had my camera close by and snapped away though the window (it was the best I could do, your honour) a few came out ok.
Yes, the lights reflected off the windows but when else will I get the chance to photograph such a cutie? After much debate and reflection we decided this is probably a stoat as we can just about make out a black tail tip.
Such a long body!!
I've seen this type of creature scurry across the road in a flash but never up close. Fascinating. And you?
Take care,

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