A visit to Middleham Castle

Friday, March 23, 2018

On our first morning in Yorkshire it dawned a drizzly one so we decided to make it an English Heritage day; instead of fighting the elements, just going with it. The closest place of size was Middleham Castle, being the childhood home of Richard III*. There wasn't much parking so take care when heading there. Curiously within eyeshot of the castle there were racehorses to be seen riding out and being walked - totally unexpected.
*Obviously not just the childhood home of Richard III as a monumental amount of history and lives have taken place here over the last few hundred years but just to give you a little context which I can relate to.

There was a great big staircase to enable access to the main hall and up to the top where the views were far reaching and made the slightly giddying climb up worth it.

There were a phenomenal amount of walls still standing strong; it made for such an impressive structure visual

There were so many nooks and crannies to explore; with details everywhere to be seen.

It wouldn't have been a castley trip without snapping a few weeds in the walls.

It was a fascinating place with an indoor exhibition too featuring a replica of the most gorgeous jewel. We then drove on to a few more destinations which I will link in once they're published.

Are you a castle fanatic like me?

Take care,

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