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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Have you noticed how so many of my outfits have featured coats this winter? I'm sure it's got to have been one of the coldest, windiest, snowiest and downright rottenest winters we have ever endured. Thank goodness for thermals eh? My hat, gloves and thermal tights have seen so many wear-hours this year, I'm glad to have invested in pieces that I like. The gloves (Sealskinz) were a present from my brother one year (he intended them for bootcamp but I couldn't possibly relegate them to such a muddying so early in their lives), I ought to report back on just how useful they've been. I do like to hear that a gift has been put to good use, so I ought to give feedback on what I've received too.
I was gifted this amazing fleece-lined jacket from Lighthouse back in Autumn and I have LIVED in it since then, it's never let me down. So warm in the freezing temperatures, dry in the wet and solid against the gales. The Raven is such good quality and looks as good now as the day it arrived.

Shorts? Yeah, so? You can wear shorts in winter, it's fine. Thermal tights are warmer than jeans so a little pair of black shorts are a-ok. My tights are all Primark- the Super cosy have saved me. Don't tumble dry them if possible.

Keen boots have also been a staple over the winter; the number of miles they have clocked up over the recent months must be in the hundreds. I was gifted these back in November and they've been worn most days since then and aside from appearing a little dirtier due to my disgraceful lack of cosmetic care are pretty much intact. The comfort level is perfect, the only condition I would by-pass these for is deep mud as they're only an ankle height.
What's kept you going this winter?
Take care,

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  1. What's kept me going? A warm fire, plenty of tea, and having the option to stay inside in the warm. I venture out everyday, choosing to hang out in the greenhouse when it's wet or windy, but it's lovely not to have to go out. I enjoyed the snow this year because I could enjoy it without the worry of driving in it. I didn't leave the farm for over a week!
    A good coat is essential, I used to hate wearing coats as a kid, but now the bigger the better!


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