Big yellow sack

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

There's something childishly fulfilling about swinging around a big bag, I recommend you give it a go. This one was a purchase on a whim from George in one of those sprees which turns from a pair of shorts to two and then twelve items later you suspect somewhere along the line you got a tad carried away but it's already been dispatched. Update; the shorts don't even fit. Gawd. But at least it's because they're too big.
This big sunny yellow handbag popped a great big smile on my face and although it's not perfect - why doesn't it have a means of sealing at the top?! - it's going to be a summer favourite with room for all my regularly towed about garb; bottle of drink, sunglasses, floaty scarf... Plus it's yellow which means it it super easy to find and can also play a fair understudy of the sun in times of doom.

This striped dress is a funny one to wear but adding a belt and leather jacket has definitely helped it along the way to living it's best life. Casual, comfy and pretty carefree.

Oh green necklace. If a yellow one was present in my jewellery tangle it would have been worth wrestling that out for a wear but green appears to be the only coloured piece I own. Accessories are things that don't appeal so much to me; while I wear the pieces that are mine all the time, over and over, there aren't many items which I like enough to buy which does sound like a good thing. Plus I fully acknowledge how careless I can be and know that delicate things are only going to get broken - there was a lovely owl necklace I wore to the allotment and my arm reached through it and snapped it clean through. That was a shame. These days pieces are gently removed and replaced in storage before I undertake work just in case.

Does anyone else get paranoid about ripping an earring out? I have a new pair to replace the several sets that lost one of each but these are heavier than my lugs are used to.

That turned into a marathon of stripy proportions! Do you like bold colour bags?
Take care,

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