Walking in Dentdale

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

One of my favourite days from our stay in the Yorkshire Dales back in March was the day we spent walking in Dentdale. The village of Dent is a little tricky to get to although the little road from Sedburgh way was much preferred to the tiny lane all the way from Hawes direction. The village is expecting walkers; it certainly felt that way with the var park and toilets. We hadn't known what to expect so had brough sandwiches along with us but on a revisit I'd try one of the local cafes as the lure of some comfort and a fresh meal would be irresistable. I'd earmarked a morning walk then one for the afternoon from out parking point so we paid for an all day stay, it costs a bit but there really wont be much alternative on those cobbled little lanes! The first walk - 6 miles - from our Yorkshire Dales Outstanding Circular Walks Pathfinder Guide (walk 10) was my favourite. Th initial stretch up Flinter Gill was one to get the lungs working, it was an excellent way to warm up after stepping out into the cool air. Incidentally, I knew that our planned afternoon walk shared this uphill slog but kept quiet about that!   

On our morning walk we continued on the path right to the top of the track but in the afternoon we only went as far as the replica lime kiln.

At the top of Flinter gill we reached another stone cart track which lead across the hills. The views were beautiful and it really felt like we had walked our way out of civilisation into the isolated beauty of the uplands. I loved it.

Super sexy walking trousers were worn every time we went out - good thing we had a washing machine, airer and big hot radiator as it one another of those holidays with a cycle going every evening. What's a holiday without laundry duty? Anyway, I was grateful for my trusty coat, boots, rucksack, hat, gloves and scarf. It was cool but not Baltic.

One of the few rocky outcrops. It struck me as we wandered past that I had barely seen any.
What goes up must come down and after our monster uphill tramp we spent much of the next part gently descending. There were a few stretches on tiny roads but nothing worrysome. The final stretch lead us along the Dales Way which traced the riverbank. The views of the village were lovely from the path. 

I'd say the 6 mile walk took us 3.5 hours at a sensible pace with plenty of picture taking and map checking.
After stopping for lunch and a rest we embarked on the afternoon'a wander which was a 3 mile route from the Crimson Short Walks Yorkshire Dales book, walk 1. As I mentioned, this took us up Flinter Gill as far as the lime kiln then took us across what  I presume may turn into a waterfall after heavy rain. It was dry on our visit and the rocks weren't slippy although I suspect that this would range from tricky or ludicrous to attempt in anything other than dry conditions.
The path took us down and across some boggy fields with no descernable signage or paths to follow which made for difficult walking. Eventually we emerged on a sloppy muddy gully to follow down. As a warning, many of the stile gates were so small to get through - we don't consider ourselves large people but I imagine some people have a real struggle getting though.

The paths were particularly hard to follow on this walking route, there are no signs and it's almost as if farmers and landowners want you to get lost (surely it would be better to help people stick to one route rather than virtually encouraging them to roam all over the place?)
One notable feature of Dentdale was the use of hedgelaying as opposed to purely drystone walls.

A few fungi shots.
There was a super squelchy bridleway which headed for the Dales Way and almost flooded our boots so watch out for that! We persevered and just about made it through alright but after more prolonged rain you'd be better off missing this stretch. The Dales Way took us back to the same road we finished on in the morning and concluded a pleasant day in Dent. Again, no cows but that's not to say it's always the case.
I hope you have enjoyed the posts from our time in Yorkshire, there may be one or two left yet but I'll see what I can squeeze in.
Take care,

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