Rain kissed

Monday, April 30, 2018

Can I let you in to a little secret? The rain is good news for my hair.
Contrary to popular belief I can testify that I do in fact like the rain making my hair it's natural wavy self. It makes me happy which encourages me to smile and feel great! Rain kissed, that's how I like it.
I thought my sunshine yellow bag would match perfectly with the oil seed rape flowers but by the looks like the sack is a few shades out. C'est la vie.
Can't lie, I'd hoped for sunnier climes this weekend to get a wear out of some more summery items. However, this bright skirt can hold it's own on a spring day with or without thermal tights in 7 degrees celcius. This little jumper covers a multitude of sins and scenarios.

I'm feeling happy! Smile it's springtime. There's so much to ignite my enthusiasm, trigger inspiration and promote motiavtion. It's (possibly) the best time of the year.

So how's your weekend been? I'll tell you more about ours soon.
Take care,

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  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures of rape fields. They brought back so many childhood memories. I hope the Norfolk weather is not quite as bad for you as they are predicting

  2. I like your chirpy outfit and right attitude to rain! The OSR looks delightful here, even it had the audacity not to match your bag! My weekend was lovely in that I was at music camp and saw good friends and played music but alas, it was bitterly cold and I went by train so didn't have the capacity to cater for the conditions on the train. Sitting in a poorly insulated barn playing the flute was not a good way to nurse a cold so I was suffering a bit. My tent was v cold without a warm Chris and a duvet.

  3. I absolutely love the pop of yellow. I love the smell of rain!


  4. The Right Attitude To Rain, is one of the books I bought when we met up with Kezzie last time, another my Alexander McCall Smith. And you definitely have the right attitude, I hate the rain, my hair just frizzes.
    The weather is playing havoc with my spring capsule, I didn't put enough 'cool weather' clothes in it and I have trouble picking an outfit on cold days, yesterday saw me in a rather strange three layer ensemble that would never make it onto the blog!
    I do like that skirt.


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