Call to arms

Monday, April 23, 2018

In the first of the spring sunshine the light hours come to life, the rays of heat energy beam fresh orders of a call to arms. Attention, focus, action, get moving and get the job done.
Trees straining to push those leaves from buds into lightly waving flags, a silent communique between themselves.
Hares in the open fields getting frisky with sunshine on their backs. Ears twitching. Females testing out the caliber of the pretenders with a boxing match. Think you're strong enough? Swipe.

The birds, the birds. You cannot fail to notice the now full swing chorus in action at the crack of dawn. Singing at full volume for a good few minutes before getting along with perfecting those nests, finding last minute partners and sitting on smooth little eggs. The first chirps of chicks are not far away.
We have blue tits in one of our nest boxes this year and we're thrilled about it. Once the eggs hatch they are back and forth to the nest with food all day long, it looks exhausting but they're so diligent. It's obviously a joy to be able to observe such activity.

Seeds germinating, flowers blooming, grass growing. It's the time of year for activity, progress, aiming for destinations.
 Violets I suppose
Below, lesser celandine.

 Some wild honesty. It seems to grow merrily under hedges and amongst scrub but try to grow some in a prepared bed and some rodent will nibble it's roots and kill of the whole lot. Bah!

 Oooh, this microscopic teeny flowered plant.

 Ground ivy, it'll be everywhere in a month.

 Teeny weeny blooms. Moschatel I think.

 A random peony popped up unexpectedly or is it a hellebore?. A kestrel on the hunt.

 A few little ducklings, aww.
First few butterflies out and about, it's either a comma or some kind of fritilliary.

 A deer munching.

It's all kicked off.
Take care,

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