Sunset soiree

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Last year was full of revelations and revolutions. One of my favourite things to do was to take a drive around the country lanes in the passenger seat. C loves driving and I like not having to drive so this suits us well. Armed with my camera it was an exciting time to appreciate the evening sky, sunset and the wildlife which we may have been lucky enough to encounter. While I would love to get about on foot as well, by car can take us to places others seem not to go. The discovery of wildflower strips, tucked away footpaths, unexpected viewpoints, seeing a sparrowhawk, a barn owl hunting, deer grazing or guinea fowl going round in circles within their little clan... it was all good. Yes, I'm an early bird; mornings are my favourite part of the day but evenings have a hazy charm like a dream just starting up before sleep.
Just last night we took a fantastic trip out and saw an inspiring few sights
 The oil seed rape is just about to turn the landscape bright yellow, the first few fronds are in bloom.

We came across a mini swathe, a swathelet of cowslips which is terribly exciting as I saw just one plant the whole of last year. Aren't they brilliant?

 A buzzard flew off from the ground and took flight. It was huge.
 A deer made a getaway through the crop.
 Primroses everywhere now.
 Above, wild strawberries! What a find. Below, I think it's wood anemone! How lovely!

 Shepherd's purse? And daisies.

Violets in the grass.
Quite perfect.
Take care,

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