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Monday, April 09, 2018

With the weather forecast optimistically predicting 17 degrees Celsius I prematurely ventured out into town with bare legs only to be left feeling somewhat chilly for a couple of hours. Brrrr! It started at a nippy 8 and didn't get warm until much later in the day. Never mind! It was fun to feel like the balmy days are almost here. 

Thank goodness for cosy jackets. This one has been thrown on countless times over the years; hundreds! I can remember buying it on ebay, around seven years ago when I first started this blog for only a couple of quid. It's saved me over and over; washed well and retained its shape. The faux fur hasn't moulted, the fastenings are as solid as ever and above all else it still fits. That interim of seasonal shift when your outfit is aimed at warm temperatures but a good thick outer layer is called upon for a while, that's when it comes into it's own.
I did buy a new jacket at the weekend; which I aimed at summer for throwing on and heading out without too much care. I'll show you it over the weeks to come I expect, hoping to get a good lot of use out of it instead of saving it for a non-existent occasion.

The weekend raced by far too quickly for my liking with too much rain for the plans we had made. It was still a busy one and somehow once again, not achieving all that I would have liked too. We may not have been out for a walk (sad) but there has been plenty going on to talk about. Is it ok if the rain stops so the ground can dry out soon? We really want to plant the rest of our potatoes soon and it won't be possible in the quagmire that is the potato patch-to-be.

So much to say. Take care,

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