Trees in bloom

Friday, April 20, 2018

It has been my mission for the past few years to remain observant in order to notice and therefore appreciate the finer details in nature. Despite remaining vigilant at most times, it never ceases to amaze me how much I must have previously missed. For example, trees in bloom. Yes we've all spied the cherry blossom but to some extent, I presume, all trees have to flower in some manner in order to go to seed and replicate. It often goes completely unnoticed. Here's more than a few trees looking interesting at the moment. Apologies for not naming the majority. Trees are really hard for me to identify and more discouragingly I forget what I looked up almost immediately. However, my range of wild flowers I can now identify has increased enormously since C bought me the collection of books so progress has at least been secured on that front.

 Above, looks like ash.

Above, a closer look at the ash in flower.
Below, distant horse chestnut leaves emerging.

 Above, oak and below hawthawne.

 Bright red catkins of the poplars.

I've realised that as I keep snapping away I have far too many to share in one go (some might say too many altogether) so I daresay they'll appear at some point soon.
It's finally the weekend, hurrah! Have a great one.
Take care,

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