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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The weekend saw the start of the warm ambient temperatures and the ground starting to dry off. The sunshine was warm and wholesome but the shadows just cooled to the point of goosepimples without a warm outerlayer. I wanted to wear this thick checked shirt that has hung in my wardrobe for weeks without a wear. It either seemed too cold for it or it was the wrong fit to wear under a jumper (being boyfriend fit) or the checks clashed with another pattern. Frustrated yet undeterred I waited for an opportunity to slip it on. I'd have happily worn it without the jacket in full sun but with the clouds prevalent in the April skies it just wasn't that kind of day. Something tells me I'll enjoy wearing this as a summer cover up or just tying it round my waist. It will look good with shorts.
Our walk got super muddy and we retreated before it threatened to squelch beyond bootlaces. A wise move.

It was just the other day when I dared peep into the bag of summer clothes stored in the spare room. After a few ruthless clear outs at the height of my body image frustration I gave away lots to charity that looked beyond all hope of being fitted in to ever again. Sadly a favourite floral ra-ra skirt looks to have gone to my dismay. The shorts I feared may have all been given away in anger are thankfully still here but I'm not quite ready to try on in case they are still far too tight and I would have been right to get rid of them after all. I'll have to brave it sooner or later.
So summer clothes are on their way, hurrah! I am looking forward to floaty florals, shorts and boots and the sun on my bones!
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