The garden full of raindrops

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sunday was a stinker with rain in a variety of weights from dawn 'til dusk. It misted, drizzled, spat, plip-plopped and just plain rained to render the day a waste in a way as instead of drying out, the ground re-saturated. We made the best of the day by pottering in the greenhouse and heading to the shops then during a brief abatement of precipitation I shot out to snap a few pictures of the sparkly raindrops all around. Here's a little bit of spring magic.

A few shoots to prove life is emerging in the flowerbeds. The hydranga is looking green, periwinkles are in flower, conifers are in flower...

Two peonies are emerging! A lily looks promising

Tulips and itsy bitsy little flowers I can't name.

Muscari, daffodils...

Orange berries and leaves

Snakes head fritillaries, more tulips.

Things have a sparkle.
Take care,

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