Bit of a washout

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Hello everyone! How was your Easter weekend? I'd use the term 'washout' although the sun did peep it's head out for a little while before changing it's mind and turning on the waterworks once more. that said, we somehow achieved a good few hours of work at the allotment and sowed copious seeds in the greenhouse as well as shopping, cooking and generally being busy bees. Sunday something started to eat away at me and Monday saw me waking up with a sore throat which made me super cross as I haven't been ill since picking up a cold at Latitude festival last year and I loathe illness with a passion *shakes fist angrily at whoever shared said germs with me*.
Going to town warrants a nicer outfit than allotment muddied jeans (though not across the board it seems) so I popped on this orange themed ensemble which I rather like the look of. Perhaps a more autumnal look than a spring one but let's face it the dreary grey clouds could fool anyone.
I bought this dress for it's sixties feel geometric pattern and easy fit but hanging loose it would have been better on the days I wanted to hide my bloat rather than feel in good shape so I belted up and added some shape.

I've been living in black tights for so many months now and by the sounds of it next weekend might be the one for bare legs - and the great wardrobe switch around. In a fit of gloom and above normal levels of clearing out efficiency I wonder if I got rid of the things I considered I could ever fit in to again? Hopefully I did leave a few favourites (and even more hopefully I can wear them!)
I can't wait for some summer sun on my skin. Come at me vitamin D!
Take care,

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