Easy tunic styling

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In the last year or so I've noticed that my taste has become much more refined in terms of what clothes to buy. Since my decision to sort myself out and get back on the healthy balance see-saw I've been more aware of how things fit. When I'm feeling leaner then I'm more than happy for more fitted shapes but as soon as I get a bit more bloated then it's all about floaty shapes and no waistbands.
I've also learned to pay more attention to materials; there have been too many statically charged clingy dresses given to charity shops and I have no intention of playing the next victim. A little stretch to anything is no bad thing, but easy to launder items top the list of bonus points.

Skirts which have a decent length are by far the most versatile. The super short ones might be fine for twirling around in a changing cubicle but don't even consider trying to lug heavy shopping bags round town, taking any photographs (I bend over to get a good look at flowers), or the worst one: sitting down. 
This long sleeves tunic dress is a real keeper with it's bohemian easy style. Elasticated cuffs and waistband create it's silhouette, I've added a belt to make it look a little tidier.I don't have many items in bright red. The large detailing to the lower half of the skirt gives it plenty of interest instead of leaving it largely plain.
Thankfully the temperatures have cooled to the early 20's now so we can enjoy wearing clothes again.
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