Bressingham Gardens

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Do you remember amongst all those stifling hot days when one afternoon it suddenly clouded over and poured? I do because it was a rare day off during the week and we had made a visit to Bressingham Gardens. The forecast had looked a little doubtful but with the blazing morning sunshine flooding optimism into our minds we didn't think it would turn into much, if anything.
With our Tesco vouchers we have exchanged them for plenty of fun things over the years and when I noticed that Bressingham was an option I thought it would make a nice day out. Years ago we came here on a Dad's Army day which was brilliant (and about 14 years ago now, gulp). It was high time to return. If you don't know where Bressingham is located then it's right near Diss near the Norfolk/Suffolk border. 
I've only selected a few of the pictures I took from the gardens as I have a whole lot more from the day and I want to make a more rounded collection to represent the day. If you don't know already the Bressingham Steam and Gardens are all one attraction so there is plenty to see. The gardens were my main draw and I could not believe how gorgeous and extensive they were; I'm sure I could have spent all day just strolling and stopping to admire the blooms. Spanning 17 acres (you heard me) the gardens were a feast for the eyes and as the rain had already started to fall we had the whole place to ourselves. A little rain never put me off so we enjoyed the peaceful tranquility.

As you can see, the colours and rich diversity of flowers make for such a spectacle.

The rain turned heavy and eventually, like two drowned rats, we slunk back to the car to shed our wet layers and call it a day before having explored everywhere quite enough.
We will most definitely return next year to see the gardens again, they were amazing. Keep your eyes peeled for a future post about the whole day.
Take care,

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