A bounty of blooms

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

When an opportunity arises to have a stroll around a beautiful open garden it's not something to be passed up on! There's something wonderfully uplifting about walking through carefully tended beds and well planned planting schemes. A bounty of blooms to feast on; my eyes, the bees and generally all souls.

 A new garden is the perfect place for new plant discoveries. This mighty fine spray caught my eye. We studied the plant information boards (that's how posh the planting scheme planning was!) and identified it as Thalictrum 'Hewitt's Double'. The pinheads of unopened flowers and teeny tiny opened buds. It really caught my attention. How beautiful.

A perfect place to get inspired. Much as I have had a rocky relationship with lavender in the past due to it's distinctive whiff of old person, there's no escaping how much of a resource it is for both butterflies and bees. It's a magnet for wildlife. Maybe I should reconsider.

 Passion flower to passion fruit. Magic!

I'm attempting to grow an echinacea myself. Fingers crossed for a flower next year. I might not be able to resist buying more though.

Agapanthus glory.
Roses galore.

Take care,

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