Easy breeze

Friday, August 10, 2018

That Friday feeling has crept up again. Here in Norfolk we mercifully received a good rainfall yesterday with more due for the week ahead. I can't say I'm disappointed as the drought sounded to be reaching a crisis point and now it means I don't have to water the allotment for a while - phew.
These pictures date back to sometime in July. From recollection I think it was one of those days when the heavy sky made some heavy threats which didn't come to pass. The breeze blew it away.
Good thing too, as my straw handbag may have been reduced to pulp.
This summer I've discovered big earrings. They're great.

This tunic is one of my most worn dresses - gifted from Hazel who correctly thought it would suit me. It's so odd because I would never have bought it in a shop as it's so bold and jazzy but it goes to show that often other people know you better than you know yourself.

Have a beautiful weekend!
Take care,

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