Taste continuity

Monday, August 20, 2018

Warm winds and grey skies have made for typical late August days. Wear what you will. I opted for this dress which I blogged about precisely one year ago - how odd. The belt of choice was exactly the same, I'll put that down to good taste continuity.
The jacket has been a real asset this summer. Last week when it rained I was kept dry by it and because it is essentially made of plastic it didn't spoil remotely.
 The late summer light, the residual heat and scent; that dusty air thick with the harvest thrashing.
A stray ear of grass tickled my leg and I'm impressed with my own balance at holding my hair back to tackle it on one leg on bumpy terrain in heels. I thought it was an insect.
Last week I nearly freaked out when I thought a moth may have flown up the leg of my shorts. While butterflies and moths aren't a threat to human life the flapping of their wings anywhere near my skin makes me panicky. (Moth has flown past as it turns out so no harm done).

The fields are looking empty round our way now, with stubble here there and everywhere. I was told there is only a 10 day window in which oil seed rape seeds can be sown, which came as a surprise and it then makes sense why there's such a rapid harvest/re-sow turn around.

Here we go again.
Take care,

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