Fingertip search for wildflowers

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We've been taking a walk each evening this week. It's become very apparent that the light fades much sooner now w're midway through August and the temperatures are at a much more normal rate. Yesterday the barn owl treated us to another display of hunting over the field. With light too low to reasonably expect any good shots it was more a hopeful gesture than anything else I snapped a few just in optimism.
I've spoken before about lulls in seeing new exciting developments on the countryside landscape and while of course the harvest is well underway it does feel like on a hedgerow level things have started to stagnate and drop off. I don't want to give up and say there's nothing to report so I thought I'd really get in closer for a fingertip search of interesting things.
Turns out there are some points of interest. While I haven't covered these much if you've already had your fill of mid August scrubland blooms then I do apologise.
Above and below, cannot identify. But these are the small kind of wildflowers that go completely unnoticed.

Above, redshank. Below, ripening hawes

Above, white campion. Below, fleabane

Above, I thought this was ragwort but it bothered me that it looked somehow wrong. So I looked in the book and think it could be Perforate St John's-wort, or possibly goldenrod. Below is ragwort and side by side they do look completely different.

Above, red bartsia, it looks like a distinctly colourless heather, much more of a grey.
Below, common toadflax (which I think looks like micro snapdragons)

Above/below, I also do not know.
There's still plenty to see outdoors.
I've guest posted over on InNorfolk about why I love blogging in Norfolk which I would love you to give a read if you have a spare minute.
Take care,

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