One Monday

Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday morning blues have become something of a quagmire over the past few months. Weekends have flown by in a whirl of fun and freedom but all too soon it's Monday morning again with a hefty stretch of worktime commitments which feels like such a departure from what we'd like. Of course, I know that you can only earn a good weekend but putting in the hours during the week - it can't be Christmas every day but gahhhh sometimes it really drags you down.
These pictures were taken last week on one of those amazing evenings where the sky puts on a stunning show and each time you look up it's changed slightly. Magical.
We took Friday off for a day out which has stretched the weekend out this time but the much welcomed rain has restricted our activities. Yesterday it was the forecast which posed the problem as it insisted that most of the day was going to be wet but as it turned out there was virtually nothing. It didn't matter to me though as aside from walking Lincoln, a trip to the allotment and picking up supplies I didn't have anything pressing to achieve. Baking a big batch of cake with the butternut squash that prematurely detached and took a tumble in which it gashed it's flesh was about as urgent as it got. The Inca Gold variety are supposed to get a teeny patch of orange when ripe and although this one hadn't, I didn't want to waste it anyway. I ironed the stack of cloths and bedding. I finally got to watch some of the athletics and prepare some blogging pictures for this week. It wasn't  bad day's work. 
How do you fare with he return to work?

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