Flowers, sunshine, tea and cake

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Good morning everyone! Today I'm sharing some photographs of flowers from an open garden we had the pleasure of visiting at the weekend. Flowers, sunshine and the option of tea and cake. What more could you ask for? (Aside from rain and saving the bees).

Echinacea is such catnip for me this year. I can't resist a closer look.

We wondered what this blue flowering plant could be, the bees were crawling all over it in a frenzy of feasting. I guessed mint from the leaves and opted for catmint which the sign then later confirmed. I could have burst with self-congratulatory excitement.

Huge fennel. It does look like dill but larger and different colours.

Our solitary echiop is turning blue but a bird has rudely soiled it, rendering the bloom rather unsightly. Maybe next year...
Oranges are one of my first favourites of colours this year. From yellow up to red There's something rich and beautiful about those shades.
Looks like a crazy succulent house plant with aspirations of growing into a tree.
Our verbena boreniarisis (cannot spell it, sorry) has about three fronds. It just doesn't like being left in our shade.

Have a beautiful day!
Take care,

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