A new style staple

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

It's fair to say I've never been one for maxi skirts for some reason or another. I've tried a few over the years and for varying reasons they never clicked. The obvious no-no was the one I nearly hit the deck in while wearing as there was not enough material for a full or even three-quarter length stride. It caught me out on a couple of occasions and if there's ever a way to feel claustrophobic in an outfit it's a stride reducing one. The ones that are too long, too see through, the ones with gaudy patterns. I never got along with them.
And then along came this beauty. It's not too long. Some might say it's a petite length but I feel a sense of security knowing that I won't trip on the material and take a tumble, albeit I did treat all over the hem but I had half crawled into the cupboard under the stairs so I'll write off that one as a given.
The sewn on belt does look a little unsuitable for washing but it's completed three successful cycles and it's none the worse for it so what do I know? The background is, on reflection, navy and not black as I'd originally presumed but it doesn't seem to mind being sat alongside a black vest top. By the way I've decided this is my go-to style for my fifties. I'll be dying what's left of my hair by then but I'll just rock the vest top and floaties.

I picked up this velvet shawl top back in spring but failed to pack it for festival season. It's unsuitable for the hottest of hot days and let's face it, these unprecedented roasting weeks have caught us all by surprise. I'll pop it on when the clouds roll in and the wind blows up a little. Floaty numbers have been absolute saviours under the burning sun. Many days are spent constantly flapping and attempting not to maintain contact with any surfaces for longer than critically necessary.
 Earrings! The dangley and hoopy kind have been my staple recently.

I've found a new style staple.
How are you?
Take care,

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