Silver lining to the golden hour

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Much as the golden hour is the magical way each clear day can draw to a close it's now coming a good sixty minutes earlier than June which slightly puts me on edge and makes me want to hastily press pause before the days slip further toward the equinox. Last night the air was completely still with not a breath of wind and for a fleeting moment I could have mistakenly believed that the world took a beat away from time itself.
I'm sorry if many of my summer pictures are so alike. This year my time has either been spent snapping gardens on Sundays or hedgerows in the evenings but that's just the way things have panned out. It's unlike me to head out on a specific mission for the blog and if you ask me things shouldn't be oriented in a manner purely for staging. This blog has always been a 'report back on what I've been up to' effort and that's the way I want to keep it. Authentic is one way to describe it (or a broken record is perhaps another).

Heron and the moon.
The silvery fringe to wildflowers in the last of the day's sunshine.

Common mallow.
Rowan berries looking bright, autumn is coming.

Ribwort plantain grasses.
Seed heads and flashing rays through the thinning hedges.

Annuals casting their seeds for years to come. Fluffy pompoms hanging in the still air.
Come November I'll be amazed we had so many long light evenings. Make the most of it while they last.
Take care,

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