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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

I don't like to bang on too much about exercise because I strongly suspect it's dull to read about unless you happen to be in the exact same position. Maybe you're already stifling a yawn - for which I can absolve you for. Continue at your own risk.
The year started with resolving to push myself harder and broach a more challenging regime of exercise. I've done some searching on YouTube and have settled on some channels that offer a good range of mirroring workouts. Some are so hard they make me want to wave a white flag from the floor or retch onto my shoes. These are my favorites. There's no doubting I like to be pushed to my limits because you don't know where your limits are unless you find them. Then maybe set about nudging them a little further. The 20 minute time frame is most pleasant as it is all over and done with quickly but I have to agree that a longer endurance session once in a while is also key to stretching myself in another direction. Varying intensity, weights, equipment and even maneuvers is the way to mix things up. How can I expect to change myself by keeping things the same?

We bought some body composition scales last year and although I hate getting on them barefoot because they make me yelp with the cold surface (and they weigh me heavier than the other scales- come on guys!) they track some interesting information.
What I don't need the scales to tell me is that I've put on fat as a consequence of 'maintaining condition/the pre, during and post Christmas overindulgence'. But it is interesting to see how much and when. What I'd like them to start reporting is that I'm losing it and FAST!
It's ok though, I knew it was happening. It was a self aware 'food is amazing and I'm going to eat all of it' in a cookie monster style scoffing. But food is just so delicious! I'm just eating too much of the high carb and high fat things.

Here's the plan. Take steps to lose the 3.2kg of fat I have gained.
Exercise is going fine and I'm feeling pretty much the fittest and strongest ever except for my running.
I need to sort out my eating. Yes, I eat a predominantly decent balanced diet with lean meat, plenty of veg and drink lots of water. However, I suspect my snacking on chocolate, biscuits, sometimes having a dessert and occasional lot of crisps has caused the majority of the gain. I also point the finger at bread for having crept back in to my life at too higher a frequency. Naughty loaves.

As I write this the clock starts at 26.6% fat mass compared to the 22.7% I would like to return to. Of course it's not about the numbers, it's not. I want to wear trousers and shorts with greater comfort again. It's strange really because 18 months ago when I felt really out of shape it was a different feeling. I feel like the fat is being stored and held differently on my frame. My arms make me feel happier now, they're more defined and less wobbly. Overall I don't feel too bad at all but I know that I'll be better off physically and mentally on a slow but sure journey to shedding the excess fat which is currently weighing me down.

It's all good. Just with a little less carbs.

Take care,


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