Smells like green spirit

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Maybe I own too many jumpers already, who's to say, but when I saw this emerald green roll neck on the sale rail in Tesco I knew it was needed in my wardrobe. I don't have any in this particular shade of green and the warm cosy thick knit is a nice practical jumper for keeping me warm. No regrets.
Worn with the skirt I picked up on a whim near Christmas - it's so me. I think the tree branch necklace may have been bought at the same time. Its oo long and light really but I like the concept.
This jacket is being lived in at the moment. It goes with everything except jeans but even then I sometimes just wear it anyhow.

I used to wear this kind of ankle boot non stop but they manufacture them so poorly now that there's no life in any and they pose the risk of falling to pieces upon first few wears. So it's light work only. No mud or rock terrain.
Take care,

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