Signs of spring

Monday, March 04, 2019

Indisputable evidence of nature heralding the change of seasons! I saw, I snapped, I present the findings to you.  
Trees developing big fat buds.

Catkins draped on hazel branches.

Furry willow buds
Leaves considering opening.
The earliest blossom in the sunny spots.

Aconites in flower
And violets nestling in the grass.

Dandelion flowers hosting pollen-seeking insects.
Teeny tiny speedwell flowers.

Primroses scattered here and there. Such a peaceful shade of yellow.

Nobody especially raves about dog's mercury but it is prevalent.
Same goes for lords and ladies...

This bee was enjoying the crocus flowers in the sunshine. Pollen all over him!
Are you picking up on the signs that spring is almost here?
Take care,

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