Spring wishlist and plans

Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's mid March more-or-less which leads me to believe I'm at liberty to look ahead and make plans for the coming season. Spring is getting underway and makes me feel super happy! Can you hear my enthusiasm? What a joyful time of year. Here's the list of plans and wishes for this year:

To do

  • Visit the bluebells. Here there and everywhere (or at least somewhere)
  • Scuff the wildflower patch and sow the seeds
  • Forage elderflowers and make cordial and gin
  • Harvest rhubarb and make copious crumble and gin
  • Sow all the seeds and tend the flower plot, main allotment and the garden
  • Uncover the bench, eat outside
  • Take a holiday
  • Get a haircut and ideally embark on a treatment regime
  • Swap my wardrobe around and get rid of things which don't fit and search out things that do
  • Not buy any more books and instead just read plenty I own, thus making some space on the bookshelf  
  • Visit spring gardens and get envious
  • Start journaling my growing this year. I need notes to reference!

Already underway

  • Foraging - we picked wild garlic and made a garlicky mashed potato and just wilted it as spinach.
  • Spy what goes on in the natural world. See the bird of prey perched below, I think it's a buzzard.

One deer, two deer, running deer.

Galloping off.

What do you have planned for spring?
Take care,

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