Violets are blue

Friday, March 29, 2019

Violets are blue, sugar is sweet...
I read a lovely book recently and it distinctly mentioned a girl picking a bunch of violets. I've been spying violets this spring and there's no way you could pick a posy of these ones, not unless you are using a thimble as a vase. There's no stem to speak of, just a little flower floundering amongst the foliage. In years gone by I've not paid enough attention to violets but I'll forgive myself that as they're so easy to miss. We've found them mostly on banks or on ropey patches of lawns. 

 My insatiable lust for all things floral posed the question of 'could I make violet gin?' to which the answer would be only if you found a few handfuls of sweet violet flowers and made a watery infusion and mixed it with gin' 
Now hoe do you tell sweet violets from the other types of violet? Not easily, even with a guide book to hand. Plus there's not enough in flower to be able to gather a few here and there without plundering a whole patch. 

 I did have violet gin and although I suspect it was made using parma violet sweets (delicious) it was divine and I would heartily recommend it to fellow floral flavour fans.

Have you made anything with violets?
Take care,

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