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Friday, March 15, 2019

I'm a spring and summer soul. These are the times of year I feel alive. I have great plans for 2019 and it feels like a good start has been made already; a foothold into a new chapter. Last year had it's ups and downs but this year I've got a clear vision of how it's going to be or at least what my stance is.

Balance is that key word which gets bandied around everywhere with no fixed definition. What felt like a balance last year sinks way out of kilter into the next. As an adult it's often the case that it feels like nothing changes. Each week is the same with no milestone 'life changing' turning points to reach and adapt to. That's all the more reason to give life a bit more scrutiny to ask are things good enough?

I don't think I asked this before and had I done so, my answer would have been no.

Instead of taking life as it is and trying to unpick a few issues, tease out the parts which have become problematic maybe it's a better idea to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

I'm going to be trying to apply a new philosophy from here on in and although it won't happen overnight, the longer you dig your feet in, the bigger the prints will be.

PS I assume you love Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age.
Take care,

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  1. Good luck with all those plans Sophie,hope you are able to share them with us,wish everyone in this World was as lovely as you,
    Pete x

  2. So many squirrels feeding away around here

  3. I know the feeling of things not changing and things just ambling on. I have found this difficulty not having children whereas all my friends have been absorbed in that aspect of their lives. I find that hard particularly as I know there are often questions from people who I see after a while about why I don't have any which in some way, I kind of resent!

  4. I feel the same, my solution is to try to continually make little changes, to identify what no longer works and make the necessary changes. Its daft to assume life doesn't need to change once we're adults, we change as people constantly and what serves us one year, might not continue to do so. It's a sort of 'never give up' philosophy, just keep on going, refining.


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