All the birds I never usually snap

Friday, March 08, 2019

A feast for the eyes today if you enjoy birds. I've u-turned from pretty much total disinterest in birds to an active excitement about our feathered friends. Back on that toasty weekend at the end of February I took out the big and scary zoom lens which enabled me to attempt snapping things i wouldn't usually be able to in better detail. The light was bright but the horizon retained a bit of a haze. Here are the birds! Above, is this a nightingale? I cannot find anything else in the book which matches it's grey chest and neck.
Above, a sparrow? The birds never look like they do in the book!
Below, it's a robin.

Above, awww chat a ball of feathery cuteness! Is it a long-tailed tit?
Below, it is a yellowhammer?

Awesome buzzard spotting...

Pheasant and a partridge.

Red kite soaring and then considering landing on this pylon!

Flocks of this and that.
How well did I do identifying our feathered friends?

Take care,

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