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Friday, March 08, 2019

A feast for the eyes today if you enjoy birds. I've u-turned from pretty much total disinterest in birds to an active excitement about our feathered friends. Back on that toasty weekend at the end of February I took out the big and scary zoom lens which enabled me to attempt snapping things i wouldn't usually be able to in better detail. The light was bright but the horizon retained a bit of a haze. Here are the birds! Above, is this a nightingale? I cannot find anything else in the book which matches it's grey chest and neck.
Above, a sparrow? The birds never look like they do in the book!
Below, it's a robin.

Above, awww chat a ball of feathery cuteness! Is it a long-tailed tit?
Below, it is a yellowhammer?

Awesome buzzard spotting...

Pheasant and a partridge.

Red kite soaring and then considering landing on this pylon!

Flocks of this and that.
How well did I do identifying our feathered friends?

Take care,

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  1. You done well except for the Nightingale it is a Dunnock , Nightingales are a migrant and will arrive later in Spring .Bird watching can give you so much pleasure so keep it up and taking their pictures. Good luck have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Sophie. That's a nice selection of rural Norfolk's bird life. I think the bird in your first picture is a probably a Dunnock (hedge sparrow). Their song at this time of year is very easy on the ear - a bit like the song of a Robin.

  3. Chris got their first great pics and good ID dunnocks or hedge sparrow are awesome little birds look out for them in the garden �� kites I remember protecting bests in Wales when there was only less than 100 prs in the UK now much more common but found it hard to get past the shooting wall in the east

  4. Oooh, what a great selection! I have Yellow Hammer envy!!

  5. What a lovely selection of photos. I am dreadful at identifying birds. I can manage a Robin, a pheasant and a partridge. And I'd know a Kingfisher if ever I were lucky enough to see one.


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