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Friday, March 01, 2019

I'll admit now that our visit to Hunstanton the other week absolutely knocked me out and I fell asleep in the car on the way home but considering we rolled up back home at 2pm I was feeling sleepy for the afternoon.
They say the sea air tires you out but why would it and how could it? Maybe because it's different air? I'd like some science behind this.
Taking a walk along the coastline is lovely and falls a close second best to laying on the sand in the sand reading or having a gentle doze. It does exhaust me when it's busy; what with catching snippets of other peoples' conversations and minding their wet dogs dashing round in circles. It is best appreciated when there's not a soul in sight but that's a rare treat and certainly not for the warmest weekend of the year when the coast becomes a magnet.

The roads into Hunstanton were jam-packed and busy getting into 'town' as we left. People would be sitting on the road for ages before reaching their destination. It pays to arrive early! We even parked on the free area. Lucky.

At first I thought this was bird poop on the rocks or even rabbit poop - rabbits can live in curious places but I've never actually seen any frolicking on the sand so maybe less likely. Turned out to be little snails or presumably sea dwelling snail chaps. Looks like my sieve-esque memory has filed the knowledge I gathered on this from my previous visit when I probably said the same thing.

Some weirdy finds. And curious rocks.

After outwalking the cliffs and reaching somewhere I couldn't name, we u-turned to retrace our steps. The breakfast eaten so much earlier was long since forgotten and rumbly tummies called out to be filled. I mooted fish and chips which would not only save us from the breeze but the seagulls and majority of the populate too. It was good to take a seat. We both enjoyed a sensible sized cod and chips from the place under the pier. As a former fish-hater, I persist in declaring that virtually all white fish are indistinguishable and REALLY cannot understand why chip shops doggedly cling to cod and haddock. Where is the coli, pollock and hake? They taste the same, are in plentiful supply and needn't carry the high prices of 'good old' cod and haddock - see your local fish counter for a price comparison. It annoys me no end.
Admittedly the main reason I now eat fish with chips instead of my previous stalwarts of sausage, fishcake or springroll is for the batter. Oh, how I love batter and now I don't mind the fish (I never said it was particularly nice, it's fine) I get to have yummy, scrummy batter. For a healthy* addition I ordered mushy peas and used copious ketchup. That's called balance, ahem.
*who cares

Plenty of interesting shells to spy but no seaglass.

Take care (and maybe take a nap yourself if the sea air penetrated your screen)

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